Comacchio Drilling Rigs

Date: 31/05/2015

Location: Monaco

Project: Monaco Stormwater Replacement

Grouting Services is proud to be associated with Comacchio, Italy and representatives of Grouting Services were fortunate to visit a construction site in Monaco. Drillers are the same all over the world - they love working in mud and water. Grouting Services drilling fleet includes a Comacchio MC 400P proprietary hydraulic crawler-mounted drill rig with remote hydraulic power pack. It is particularly suited to restricted access and low headroom work and is especially designed for specialised work in narrow spaces, inside buildings / basements and small tunnels and therefore well suited to mini-piling and micro-piling applications. The drill rig is able to operate all rotary and / or rotary percussion drilling systems and the advanced kinematic provides for a wide range of manoeuvrability.

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