Elevated PT Slabs

Date: 29/06/2023

Location: Auckland

Project: Elevated PT Slabs

How good is this? Nothing like a photo to demonstrate one of the benefits of post-tensioning for elevated insitu structures. This is a bonded band beam and slab car park incorporating a post-tensioned beam that spans over 17m.

This type of insitu concrete construction is a popular choice for multi-storey car parks as it:
‣ allows for large spans between supporting columns, creating more space for vehicles
‣ ensures a robust structure
‣ reduces the amount of material used, making it a more environmentally friendly option

Are you working on a project and want to look at the benefits of post-tensioned concrete floor slabs?

When it comes to PT Slabs and reputation, Grouting services and specialist design partner Edge Consulting Engineers are a force to be reckoned with. The combined design and construct expertise is well proven over many successfully completed projects.

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