Millwater River Bridge

Services: Grouting

Main Contractor: Fulton Hogan

Engineer: Fraser Geologics

Millwater is another residential development undertaken by Fulton Hogan and is nestled in the northern gateway between Silverdale and Orewa. Facing out to sea, Millwater is steeped in local history. Once again this bountiful land gives rise to opportunity for those who hold on to the vision of developing a lifestyle centred around a busy community. The infrastructure development included the construction of a road and bridge and difficlties were encountered during the piling phase of construction.

Grouting Services was engaged for the design, supply and installation of a tube-a-manchette system to facilitate base grouting of a pile using the technique of high pressure post-grouting. Drilling conditions encountered within the East Coast Bays Formation bedrock while piling for Pier 5 necessitated a review of the founding conditions for the downstream pile to Pier 5. It was determined that the rock encountered at founding level was unsuitable to provide the necessary bearing capacity for the pile to support the new bridge. A grouting programme was developed by Grouting Services and the tube-a-manchettes designed and constructed in-house for installation by Fulton Hogan as part of the pile construction methodology. Pressure and volume limitations were considered and a monitoring beam and equipment used to record any uplift.

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