Grout Grippa Grout Sock

Grout Grippa is a specially formulated geo sock for use as a grout retainer around rock bolts and ground anchors to prevent loss of grout to country which serves to ensure performance of the rock bolt or ground anchor by maintaining the required grout to ground bond strength.

The Grout Grippa sock is designed to allow grout to bleed through and moulds itself to the shape of the drill hole. Especially useful when under pinning or stabilising in fissured rock. Trials have shown the grout to ground bond strength is not affected due to the presence of the sock.

Grout Grippa can be used for many different applications within geo-physical construction including Land Reclamation, Coastal Stability, Rock Strengthening, Tunnelling and Mining applications.

The benefits of Grout Grippa enable a much more economical solution, meaning a one size stock ‘sock’ for holes from 60mm to 500mm approximately. Sock fibres are less susceptible to damage when fitting and the retention helps to quantify usage giving a measured and accurate way in which to constrain grout. The tubular rib-knit fabric sock is capable of expansion up to 500%. Socks are available in single and double thickness for a variety of sizes. Available in 50 metre lengths or, as required to meet project needs.

Grouting Services is the Grout Grippa grout sock supplier and agent for New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Region.

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