Onetangi BluGeo K60 GRP

Services: Soil Nailing

Main Contractor: Haven Waiheke

Engineer: Soil & Rock Consultants

A new residential dwelling proposed for a site which had previously been prepared for development a number of years earlier included a requirement to stabilize existing timber retaining walls that were showing signs of distress, and, install slope protection measures.

Grouting Services was awarded the subcontract to carry out the slope protection and retaining wall remedial works. A total of 26No permanent soil nails and 31No permanent anchors were installed comprising 5-8m long BluGeo Powerthread K60 – GRP bar in a 100mm drill hole. BluGeo Powerthread K60 soil nails / anchors were accepted as a cost effective alternative to the specified galvanized bar. Additionally, the superior corrosion protection properties of the BluGeo Powerthread K60 – GRP bar satisfied the local territorial authorities concerns regarding longevity. Full scale proving trial anchor tests were conducted on site in advance of the production works to compare the performance of the galvanized bar tendons against the BluGeo Powerthread K60 tendons. The permanent displacement of the trial anchors was identical and the only recorded difference was the elongation under tensioning. The results were consistent with the respective young’s modulus of each product. The slope protection works included the supply and installation of Tecco mesh, spike plates and landlock matting. A representative sample of soil nails were proof tested for compliance.

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