Strengthening and Repair

Grouting Services has been involved in numerous strengthening projects utilising its' expertise in micro-piling, external post-tensioning and structural strengthening and repair. Consistent with our strategy of continual improvement, we have teamed up with leading organisations to ensure we offer the latest and most appropriate technology for strengthening existing structures.


Mini-piles are 300mm or less in diameter and can be designed as soil frictional piles and rock socketed piles either in tension or compression. They typically employ a central tendon or pipe and are grouted in place with high strength cement grout. It is common practice to carry out test piles to verify the capacity and installation technique prior to commencing the production mini-piles. The production mini-piles are generally not tested, but if required, can be economically tested in tension with a simple reaction frame. Compression testing is more complicated and expensive as it requires additional mini-piles (or restraining anchors) to provide the necessary reaction.

Mini-piles are suitable for the following applications:
  • Foundation re-levelling
  • Seismic Retrofit
  • Uplift anchors
  • Temporary foundation support
  • Underpinning for excavation

Consideration must be given to the following:
  • Buckling in Soft or Loose Soil
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Group Effects
  • Testing requirements

Grouting Services has developed, engineered and tested a new mini-piling system suitable for use in seismic strengthening and uplift applications. The "G-Pile" is generally a tension / uplift pile although some compression capacity is possible with the use of external confinement. Numerous projects have been completed involving both tension and compression mini-piles all designed and constructed by Grouting Services.

External Post-Tensioning

External Post-Tensioning is common in both new construction and strengthening of existing structures and is suitable for the following applications:
  • Suspended slab / beam strengthening
  • Bridge strengthening
  • Seismic retrofit

Grouting Services has completed numerous projects including bridge strengthening and building retrofit works.

Structural Strengthening and Repair

Common strengthening and repair techniques carried out by Grouting Services include:
  • Epoxy grouting
  • Structural crack injection
  • Structural mortar repair
  • FRP strengthening (carbon and glass fibre solutions)
  • GPR Slab Scanning service for the location of Post-tensioned (PT) tendons and Reinforcement
  • Post-tensioned Tendon Truncation (PTTT)

It is imperative that the substrate is suitably and adequately prepared prior to the introduction of any strengthening or repair products.