Whangamata BluGeo GRP

Services: Ground Anchors

Main Contractor: Troy Wheeler

Engineer: Opus Consultants

A new 3m high anchored post and panel was required to remediate a section of road along SH25 near Whangamata.

Soil anchors were required to hold back the new timber pole retaining wall. A series of 6.2m long 280mm SED poles were concreted into a 400mm bored hole a depth 3.2m. The soil anchors were installed between the timber poles and connected through a 410mm diameter timber waler. Working loads were 108kN per soil anchor. A total of 7No x 11m long soil anchors comprising BluGeo Powerthread K60-25mm GRP Bar were installed in a 100mm drill hole. The free length and bond lengths were 7m and 4m respectively. Prior to the production works commencing, 2No full scale proving trial anchors were installed to verify the geotechnical ultimate bond rupture and with a 2m bonded length, neither failed which demonstrated a minimum geotechnical ultimate bond rupture of 726kPa. 3No production anchors were performance tested to 133% of design working load over 5 loading cycles and the remaining soil anchors were proof tested to 133% of design working load a single load cycle. Creep was recorded for all soil anchors at the peak load over a 60min period.

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