Grouting Services possess a wide range of specialist grouting plant that is able to operate at a range of pressures up to 1000psi, and, are proven with a variety of specialist cementitous grout mix designs, including sand:cement, cement:bentonite and plasticisers. Water reducing agents and plasticisers are regularly used within our day-to-day grouting operations to improve workability and reduce bleed.

A range of proven cementitous grouting techniques are available in-house including:

  • Ground improvement and soil stabilisation grouting for enhancement of the mechanical properties of the soil and remediate problems associated with subsidence
  • Under-slab grouting and re-levelling
  • Bentonite/cement grouting to impregnate open soil
  • Fissured rock grouting typically performed in downward phases
  • Void filling to eliminate collapses, sink holes or depressions associated with deformation of the ground surface
  • Tube-a-manchette grouting to improve uplift resistance of bridge substructures and foundations (the tube-a-manchette is first sealed in place followed by grouting via a double-packer located over discretely positioned valves within the tube-a-manchette)
  • High-pressure (5MPa) post-grouting in weak soils to improve the bond capacity of ground anchors and soil nails
  • Structural steel and foundation grouting
  • Precast concrete grouting for panels, barriers, and columns and associated connections

With our collaborative approach to business, we are able to provide specialised technologies supported by worldwide knowledge and experience.