Titirangi Road BluGeo K60 GRP

Services: Soil Nailing

Main Contractor: Fulton Hogan

Engineer: GHD

A Titirangi Road carriageway and footpath located above an existing scoria block retaining wall with a piled foundation required remediation to deal with cracking and settlement which had occurred as a result of storm water runoff and subsequent evacuation of supporting soil.

Soiled nailed mesh with shotcrete facing over the exposed area of piles below the scoria wall was the remedial solution to return lateral support by the soil. The shotcrete required strip drains to provide rear drainage to the remediated area. Erosion control matting was fitted over the remainder of the slope and grass seed applied. A total of 24No permanent soil nails were installed comprising 5.8m long BluGeo Powerthread K60 – 25mm GRP bar in a 100mm drill hole. The slope protection works proceeded in tandem with the excavation works and included the supply and installation of 10sq.m of reinforced sprayed shotcrete, 80sq.m of Enkamat 7018 matting.

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