Waiparuru Hall

Services: Ground Anchors

Main Contractor: Dominion Constructors

Engineer: Structure Design

Grouting Services wins the SME awards for Category B (projects over $500,000) at the 2018 Hynds Construction Awards.
David Sharp

Grouting Services is proud to be supporting Dominion Constructors on the Waiparuru Hall Student Accommodation project in Auckland. The project involves the construction of two high-rise accommodation towers for the University of Auckland, on a challenging and difficult area of land at the end of Whitaker Place. Enabling works required the construction of a 10m high anchored retaining wall to support the existing street and Grouting Services was engaged to drill, supply and install 47No high capacity removable multi-strand anchors coupled with discrete anchor corbels and nearly 150metres of large steel walers.

The removable compressive distributive anchors (SW-RCD) ranged in length from 25m-30m and comprised strand configurations from 3-11No 15.2mm strands (UTS 783 – 2,871kN). The technology for the SW-RCD anchors was developed by Samwoo, the leading representative of ground anchors in Korea. Grouting Services has a distributorship agreement to both supply and install anchors from Samwoo in New Zealand. An innovative 250T bracket (Samwoo Max Bracket) was designed and developed specifically for this project to provide an economical connection detail between the anchor head and the steel walers.

The removable multi-strand ground anchors provide sustainable benefits to building owners and councils as there are no obstructions left in the ground that will conflict with future development.

Manky ground through the overburden material dictated the use of temporary steel casing which was advanced to the underlying sandstone bedrock with Grouting Services specialist HD180 anchoring rig. 

De-tensioning and removal works will happen when the structure is sufficiently built to provide the necessary permanent support to the wall.

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