Visy Board PT Slab

Date: 31/01/2018

Location: Hamilton

Project: Visy Board PT Slab

Post-tensioned floor slabs can be designed and constructed in very large joint free sections with the main limitation coming back to concrete supply and, floor flatness and levelness requirements. Grouting Services in conjunction with design partner Edge Consulting Engineers have undertaken numerous projects that have involved single pour configurations up to 5,000sq.m. Leading slab constructor Conset Construction has the resources and expertise to out turn your next project. The photos below show a project completed earlier this year in the Waikato which involved some 18,000sq.m of post-tensioned floor slab ranging in thickness from 150mm to 190mm. The external slab was 2,000sq.m and poured in a single pour. The internal slabs were poured as 2 large slabs with a movement joint between.

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