Laingholm Slope Protection

Date: 01/08/2017

Location: Auckland

Project: Laingholm Slope Protection

Grouting Services continues to serve the west. Concerns over the undermining of a residential property as a result of a slip on a local territorial authority road embankment prompted remedial works utilising soil nailing technology and slope protection. Grouting Services was awarded the subcontract to carry out the soil nailing and slope protection remedial works. A total of 56No permanent soil nails were installed comprising 6-9m long galvanised Reid Bar in a 150mm drill hole. The slope protection works included the supply and installation of 140sq.m of the Duramat RF and geoweb cellular confinement system. 250mm square galvanised bearing plates were used at each soil nail location to hold the slope peotection in place.  A representative sample of soil nails were proof tested for compliance. Soft soil was placed into the geoweb cells and then planted out.

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