BJ Ball PT Slab Retrofit

Date: 10/10/2018

Location: Auckland

Project: BJ Ball

As designers and constructors of post-tensioned floor slabs, we are regularly asked if it is possible to create penetrations in the slab or remove a section of the slab due to a change in loading pattern or new tenancy requirements. In short the answer is yes. In 2008, Grouting Services designed and constructed a 12,000sq.m slab in Auckland. 10years later, we returned to remove a section of the slab to facilitate the construction of a foundation pit for new equipment. The locations of the conflicting tendons were identified and dentistry techniques used to expose the tendons to verify the integrity of the grout prior to cutting of the bonded PT tendon. The 2 tendons conflicting with the penetration were observed to be fully grouted and the demolition works proceeded without incident. Another example of quality workmanship and proof that post-tensioned slabs do have the flexibility to accommodate future penetrations. The work was completed with the assistance of Conset Construction.

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