Victory Christian Church

Services: Post-tensioning

Main Contractor: Mainzeal Property & Construction

Engineer: MSC

This project involved construction of a new 434-space car park building on four sub-grade levels, covering an area of approximately 100m x 40m.

Grouting Services was awarded subcontract for the design and construction 12,000sq.m of suspended post-tensioned slab including all basement works, footings, formwork, falsework and insitu and pre-cast concrete elements.

Using splayed concrete beams, our designers were able to provide an economical post-tension design solution. They created an innovative cantilevered beam system which allowed the formwork to be removed during the first 56 days of construction until the pour strips were in-filled, causing only 50% of the possible shrinkage to occur. The project had demanding waterproofing constraints due to the need to dig below the water table. As the post-tensioned slabs were below ground, surrounded by secant pile walls, a full pour strip to the perimeter was required. Particular attention was paid to limiting cracking of the concrete slabs over time. Partners on this project include; Alliance Design Group and KCL Engineering Services (design), Conset Construction (concrete supply and placing) and Highrise Construction (formwork and general concrete works).

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