Wairau BluGeo K60 GRP

Services: Ground Anchors

Main Contractor: Gibbons Contractors

Engineer: GHD

A new 1m high anchored post and panel was required to remediate a section of road along Wairau Road in Auckland.

Soil anchors were required to hold back the new timber pole retaining wall. A series of 8m long 350mm timber poles were concreted into a 450mm bored hole a depth 7m. The soil anchors were installed between the timber poles and connected through a pair of back to back 200 PFC walers. Working loads were 135kN per soil anchor. A total of 17No x 10m long soil anchors comprising BluGeo Powerthread K60-32mm GRP Bar were installed in a 150mm drill hole. The free length and bond lengths were 2m and 8m respectively. All soil anchors were post-grouted the day after installation to improve the grout-to-ground bond. With low pressure recorded on the initial round of post-grouting (60-80psi), 2No additional rounds of post-grouting were undertaken. Grout takes ranged from 78litres to 234litres at a maximum pump pressure of 320psi. All production anchors were proof tested to 195kN in a single load cycle and the load held for 15minutes to monitor creep.

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