Fiore II Suspended PT Slab

Date: 31/01/2016

Location: Auckland

Project: Fiore II Apartments

Grouting Services has an enviable reputation in delivering design and construct solutions for suspended post-tensioned slabs, as well as supply and install solutions.

Fiore II located on Hobson St in Auckland and developed by KNC Construction is a fourteen-storey mixed use carpark, retail and residential apartment building with a total gross floor area of approximately 6400m2. KNC Construction delivered the insitu-concrete package including the shear walls and engaged Grouting Services to carry out the supply and install works for the suspended post-tensioned slabs. The original heritage buildingĀ  was incorporated into the tower design.

The suspended post-tensioned slabs started at level 3 and footprints ranged from 365m2 to 450m2. All levels comprised a 180mm flat plate slab. Limited perimeter access resulted in a significant number of stressing access pans being required.

The PT design was undertaken by BGT Structures and Grouting Services produced PT Shop drawings for each level. Post-tensioning quantities were in the order 5kg/m2. A significant amount of diaphragm and drag bar reinforcement was required which was in the order 30kg/m2.

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