35 Scenic Drive Slip Repairs

Date: 02/10/2017

Location: Auckland

Project: 35 Scenic Drive Slip Repairs

Grouting Services continues to serve the west and are proud to support Fulton Hogan. Significant periods of high rainfall resulted in a large number of slips in the Waitakere RAnges and one at the start of Scenic Drive reduced traffic a single lane. This, coupled with concerns over the undermining of a residential driveway prompted remedial works utilising soil nailing technology and slope protection remedial works. Grouting Services was awarded the subcontract to carry out remedial works. Two full scale proving trial nails were installed to verify the geotechnical ultimate bond rupture prior to construction commencing. A total of 77No permanent soil nails were installed comprising 3-6m long BluGeo GRP60  25mm in a 100mm drill hole. The slope protection works included the supply and installation of over 100sq.m of Macmat R Geomat. A representative sample of soil nails were proof tested for compliance.

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