OVM Pre-stressing Systems

Grouting Services has delivered some of New Zealand’s most significant Post-Tensioning projects and we are proud to say that the success of these has ensured growing volumes of repeat business.

This is a testament to the way we work with our clients, and the best possible quality products that we insist on using on these key projects.

Reflecting a strategy of continual improvement, we are pleased to announce our partnership with OVM as the sole distributor in New Zealand of their innovative pre-stressing and specialist construction products. With 50 years of experience, OVM is a leading product supplier and specialist contractor in China in the field of pre-stressing and other special construction techniques. With a strong reputation for reliability, professionalism and innovation, OVM systems have been used successfully on numerous projects and in so doing have achieved worldwide acknowledgement.

OVM post-tensioning systems utlise a series of different pre-stressing materials including steel wire, steel reinforcement, pre-stressing strand and FRP. The system is complemented with a full range of stressing equipment and accessories.

At present, pre-stressing strand is generally used for post-tensioning structures. OVM has multi-strand and flat slab anchorage systems that consists of a stressing end anchorage, dead end anchorage and coupler. Wedge type stressing heads are normally used for live end anchorages, while swaged and / or onion types are used for dead end anchorages.

OVM pre-stressing systems are available for strands manufactured from 12.7, 12.9, 15.2, 15.7, 17.8 and 25.4mm diameter, with grades ranging from 1860-2000MPa. The number of strands typically range from 1 to 55 and more can be accommodated based on special design requirements.


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