Waikopua Bay Waiheke

Services: Soil Nailing

Main Contractor: Frontline Projects

Engineer: Ormiston Associates

With site topography characterised by moderately steep to steeply sloping, undulating terrain, and a requirement to provide a 40degree excavation to enable construction of a new dwelling to take place, long-term slope stabilisation works were required.

Grouting Services was awarded the subcontract to carry out the slope protection works over a total of 600sq.m of excavated face. A total of 140No permanent soil nails were installed comprising 8m long galvanised RB25 bar in a 100mm drill hole. Due to the close proximity to the sea, the soil nail head works and top 2m of RB25 was also epoxy coated for protection. The slope protection works included the supply and installation of Tecco mesh, spike plates, landlock matting and 10m long inclined bored drains. A representative sample of soil nails were proof tested for compliance.

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