Removable Ground Anchors

Date: 18/10/2018

Location: Auckland

Project: Samwoo RCD Ground Anchors

As designers and constructors of multi-strand ground anchors, we are regularly asked if it is possible to remove the strands from the ground to mitigate against obstructions for future developments. In short the answer is yes.

Increasingly local authorities and landowners are requiring sub soil lease agreements as part of inner city developments. Grouting Services is proud to have introduced the technology of removable compressive distributive (RCD) anchors into New Zealand.

Developed by Samwoo, the leading representative of ground anchors in Korea with the largest production facilities in the world, the RCD anchors offer a complete solution where anchorage systems are required to be removed once they become redundant. The removal process is generally done by hand.

Grouting Services has completed some 75000m of RCD anchors providing sustainable benefits to landowners and local authorities as there are no obstructions left in the ground to conflict with future developments.

Take a look at an overview of the RCD anchor in this video Samwoo RCD Anchors

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