Grouting Services has designed, engineered and constructed a fleet of specialist drilling rigs to suit local conditions and applications.  An impressive range of proprietary drilling rigs and mast attachments also forms part of the fleet. A full complement of drilling accessories including compressors, pumps and water tanks is maintained in house. 

Heavy duty drilling work is easily managed using our HD180 proprietary anchoring rig designed with a swing boom, super high pull back (15tons) and high-torque rotator (up to 4000kgm torque). The double rotation head facilitates continuous double drive drilling with casing and rods.

The smaller yet sturdy HD110 proprietary anchoring rig also designed with a swing boom has an impressive 8tons pull back and high-torque rotator (up to 2340kgm torque). The rig is able to operate rotary and / or rotary percussion systems.

Restricted access and low headroom work is easily dealt with using our Comacchio MC 400P proprietary hydraulic crawler-mounted drill rig with remote hydraulic power pack. It is especially designed for specialised work in narrow spaces, inside buildings / basements and small tunnels and therefore well suited to mini-piling and micro-piling applications. The drill rig is able to operate all rotary and / or rotary percussion drilling systems and the advanced kinematic provides for a wide range of manoeuvrability.

The majority of the drilling fleet is able to drill back under the tracks at varying angles of inclination ranging from 5degrees to 90degrees below the horizontal, and, depths below the ground surface up to 4m which provides our clients with significant advantages on sites with restricted access and steep slopes. The specialist rigs are also able to safely drill up to 5m above the drilling platform.

Our range of drilling rigs enables us to drill holes ranging from 75mm to 300mm diameter, and depths up to 50m. A range of proven drilling techniques are available including:

  • rotary wash drilling
  • percussion hammer drilling
  • overburden casing (concentrix) system
  • duplex drilling
  • continuous flight augers

We provide cost effective drilling solutions for ground anchors, soil nails, micro-piles, horizontal drains and foundation proof drilling in rock.