Welcome Bay Road

Services: Soil Nailing

Main Contractor: Fulton Hogan

Engineer: MWH

As part of safety improvements to the Welcome Bay Road Re-alignment Project, slope surface treatment was required to a 12m embankment. The slope surface treatment design undertaken incorporated soil nails, a geomat to provide surface reinforcement, stop erosion and promote vegetation, and, inclined bored drains.

Grouting Services was awarded the subcontract to carry out the slope protection works over a total of 820sq.m of excavated face. A total of 131No permanent soil nails were installed comprising 12m-15m long galvanised RB25 bar in a 150mm drill hole. The slope protection works included the supply and installation of Macmat R Geomat and 6m long inclined bored drains. A representative sample of soil nails were proof tested for compliance. Access to the slope was provided by a combination of boom lift platforms and rope access.

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