Ellerslie Motorway Widening

Services: Ground Anchors

Main Contractor: Fulton Hogan John Holland JV

Engineer: GHD

The widening of SH1 required new barrier foundations to be constructed and these were to be anchored to the ground using G-Piles. The enabling works required isolation of sections of the main trunk railway with the use of stone strong blocks and hoardings. The stone strong blocks were anchored into the basalt to resist overturning moments. This work was successfully completed by Grouting Services during the Christmas 2014 and New Year's 2015 Block of Line. BluGeo Powerthread K60-25 GRP bar and Grout Grippa grout sock were used for anchoring efficiencies.

Grouting Services was awarded the subcontract for the supply and installation of the G-piles within the confines of the site located between the main trunk railway line and the main state highway. This work is scheduled to commence late January 2015 and will involve a specialist drilling rig suitable of operating an overburden casing system through the volcanic material known to be present. A Grout Grippa grout sock will be utilised to minimise grout loss through small fissures and fractures. The G-Piles comprise 4-6No x 12.7mm superstrands and will be fabricated to provide a 100year design life. The G-pile lengths range from 8m to 10m. A representative sample of G-Piles will be tested for verification purposes.


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