Tighter Kite Earth Anchors

Driven earth anchoring systems are now well proven and recognised in the field of Civil engineering. They are a light-weight, cost effective alternative to traditional methods of anchoring. Grouting Services holds the distributorship agreement for the Tighter Anchor system in New Zealand.

The Tighter Anchor system consists of a head which, when locked in the working position, provides a load bearing surface against which a frustum cone can be developed. The cone carries a load transmitted to the head by a rigid rod or a flexible wire tendon connected to the head by a clevis.

The Tighter Anchor range comes in sizes that can produce ultimate loads of 3kN to 360kN.

Principles of Operation

  • The anchor head is driven to a depth, below the soil slip plane, that will hold a specified design load.
  • As the anchor head is “locked” and load is applied a frustum cone develops in the soil.
  • A proof load is applied to the anchor rod locks the anchor into the working position.
  • The size of a frustum cone will depend on; the shear angle of the soil, the size of the anchor, the depth of installation and the load applied.

  • Quick and easy to install using simple tools and equipment.
  • Ready to use immediately, no waiting time for grout to cure.
  • Light, high capacity anchoring system available in a range of anchor head sizes to suit most applications.

GS Product Tighter Kite Table

  1. The anchor is driven in to the ground using a range of driving equipment. A full range of driving tools and equipment is available from your local Tighter Anchor distributor.

  2. Once the anchor is driven to a predetermined depth, the drive rod is withdrawn. For small anchors and shallow drives this is a simple manual operation. For larger and deeper drives the withdrawal of drive rods will require mechanical assistance.

  3. One of the most important operations is locking the anchor in position to carry the maximum load. The anchor must be rotated 90 degrees to the line in which it was driven. For larger and deeper drives the withdrawal of drive rods will require mechanical assistance.

  4. The tendon is trimmed and a suitable top termination plate or disc is fitted.


Tighter Earth Anchor How it works